Wenxian Zhang

Research & Publications


  • China Through American Eyes: Early Depictions of the Chinese People and Culture in the US Print Media, World Scientific Publishing, 2018, 504 pages.
  • 《美国画报上的中国:1840-1911》, 北京大学出版社 (China Visualized by Americans: 1840-1911, Peking University Press), 2017, 458 pages.
  • 阳光灿烂的冬季 (A Winter in the Sunshine, with Maurice O’Sullivan and Yiqi Yu, Shanghai University Press), 2012, 336 pages.
  • Entrepreneurial and Business Elites of China: Chinese Returnees Who Have Shaped Modern China, with Henry Wang and Ilan Alon, Emerald Group Publishing, 2011, 272 pages.
  • A Guide to the Top 100 Companies in China, with Ilan Alon, World Scientific Publishing, 2010, 313 pages.
  • Biographical Dictionary of New Chinese Entrepreneurs and Business Leaders, with Ilan Alon, Edward Elgar Publishing, 2009, 269 pages.
  • A Trip to Florida for Health and Sport: The Lost 1855 Novel of Cyrus Parkhurst Condit, with Maurice O’Sullivan, Florida Historical Society Press, 2009, 149 pages.
  • Rollins Architecture: APictorial Profile of Current and Historical Buildings, with Eneid Bano and Charles Stevens, Rollins College, 2009, 151 pages.
  • Walk of Fame: A Rollins Legacy. Olin Library, Rollins College, 2004, 132 pages. 


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